George Coles


In 1982 my eureka moment was to discover a book of photographs by Henri Cartier Bresson which was soon followed by the works of Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander, Andre Kertesz, Tony Ray Jones and Martin Parr. My first Leica camera was in my hand not long after and thus began a 30 year love affair with these beautiful machines. I taught myself the rudiments of developing and printing and have only ever worked in black and white…

In the early nineties after a series of trips to Eastern Europe the cameras were put on a shelf in favour and necessity of making a living, paying a mortgage, renovating a house, and three children.

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An Ark in the UK

Thanks to all of those of you came along to see the cabinets in 2016, hopefully I’’ll give them another airing during 2017. Here’s a film clip of the ‘Ark’ from the very talented young film maker Caleb Yule with a sound track from Roy Harper’s 1973 album ‘Lifemask’. Watch the video here…



Summer News

As ever I’m plodding the streets on the hunt for those telling little moments from Brighton’s underbelly which play with the myth of a hip and happy utopia. My next oeuvre will be entitled:

Life of Brighton

You can see some of the images in the project section, or click the link above.

I’m planning to release a book during Easter 2019 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Python epic ‘Life of Brian’.